Círio de Nazaré

Document of one of the largest religious festivals in Brazil.Every year on 12 October, approximately 2 million Catholic Brazilians gather in the capital of the state of Pará, Belem. Before I became a photographer, I was fascinated by the massive and intense of the event when it was shown on television every year. The big crowd puller is the procession for the Virgin of Nazareth, which starts with the retrieval of her statue from the Santuário Basíliek. During a parade of about 6 hours she is taken along a 3.6 kilometer route to the Nazaré Basilica, in the presence of all pilgrims. They carry symbols of thanks and cling as much as possible to a 350 meter long rope that is connected to the wearer of the sculpture. They walk without footwear and in light clothing tightly packed behind the dragger and are kept wet to prevent fainting. I traveled there to feel the amount of energy and experience the intense experience of faith of others. I wanted to capture that atmosphere and convey it to the spectator. The work was used for a report about the event in Shell’s ‘Outpost’ magazine in 2015.