Golden Tulips

This series is the result of two years of work. It started when a friend commissioned the photographer in 2016 to create two images of tulips for the living room she had just redecorated. João accepted the assignment and borrowed one of her Delft Blue vases. He completed the assignment within a week, just before the Tulip season ended. Amongst others, the images involve the Blue Diamond, Miranda and Angelique varieties. Since that first assignment, João has been expanding the collection. For inspiration, he studied still life art by the Dutch masters in which exotic and costly varieties of flowers – especially tulips – are shown. He was able to find some of these varieties on his journey to shopkeepers, growers and experts. ‘’I like to be purposeful about how I do my work. Finding the right types of tulips is where it begins of course. In the studio I then emulate the lighting conditions so typical of the Dutch masters. At the same time, I apply a uniquely Brazilian perspective on what Art is. A simple – some call it naïve – vision where beauty is colourful and vibrant. By bringing these two perspectives together I am building a lasting connection between what I would now consider my two home countries. These works have a lot of me in them’’. João continues to expand his collection of images, searching for tulips and vases, working feverishly to get the most out of the brief tulip season in the Netherlands